The questions that everyone asks

How do we get started?
  • Figure out a final price for your website
  • Establish a timeline timeline
  • Assign you to one of our badass designers
  • Both sign a simple 2-page Statement of Work Agreement
  • Start our process of redesigning your website.
How do I figure out the final price for the website?

We establish a fixed cost for your new website. No changes or surprises mid-project.

The most effective way to understand the scope of your project and how much you should spend:

  • Send us a list of pages you want on your site. Doesn’t have to be exact or final. We just need an idea.
  • Send us 2-3 websites that you love and think represent your vision of your new website
  • Tell us how much animation you want on your website. None? A little? A lot? Something super custom?

We will take these pieces of information and give you information on how to price your website. The final cost is always up to you.

Please check out our pricing page for estimates on website design, development, and animation costs.

What are the payment terms?

For a new website:
50% before we start. 50% when you’re f’in thrilled and we’re ready to go live.

For updates and post-launch projects:
At the end of a mini project or monthly as hourly work is completed.

Do you launch the site for us? What happens after the site is launched?

We are 100% hands on for launch. We will launch the site for you and make sure everything is in full working order.

After the launch, we’re with you for 1 week. Any weird things, issues, or ‘OMGs, we totally forgot this little thing’, - we’re here for you un-billed and as part of the original project scope.

Within that first week, we will onboard you to your new Webflow site. You'll receive a mini training series created for you and your team. You'll be editing and growing your new website with ease!

After that 1 week, we charge hourly at $150 for tasks, updates, and consulting. Anything larger than 10 hours and we will talk about a fixed project cost.

Why $150? Webflow allows us to complete tasks at blazing fast speeds. Most tasks take 30 minutes to 2 hours - traditional website development may complete these same tasks in 2-4 hours.

Do I have to host my website on Webflow?

You don’t have to host on Webflow, but we highly recommend it. We are proud to say that 100% of Finsweet clients have their websites hosted with Webflow. It’s a no-brainer for Webflow built websites!

Info on Webflow’s hosting:

Webflow's killer uptime:


How does maintenance work? Do you do retainers?

Everything we do is task/project based. We tell you how long Task X will take and you decide if you want it. You pay for what you want.

No retainers. We used to do them and felt terrible taking money from people that didn’t need any work on their website that month - or next month - or next month. One of our goals is to set you up with a website that doesn’t require our weekly/monthly attention. With our stellar CMS builds and Webflow’s Editor tool, you can do most of the small updates yourself.

We charge hourly at $150 for tasks, updates, and consulting. Anything larger than 10 hours and we will talk about a fixed project cost.

Why $150? Webflow allows us to complete tasks a blazing fast speeds. Most tasks take 30 minutes to 2 hours - traditional website development may complete these same tasks in 2-4 hours.

How long to do projects usually take?

Most projects take between 1-3 months.

This is highly highly highly dependent on you delivering FINAL content before starting. The most frequent case of delayed and 'late' projects is you, as the client, not having content final before we start - or change content in the middle of the project.

What are the costs of Webflow hosting?

$16/month billed yearly. $20/month billed monthly.

Here’s more information from Webflow: https://webflow.com/pricing#site

Have questions about this? We will answer all of them.

Who is going to be working on my new website?

After we understand your website specs and you tell us other websites you like, it’s clear which people on the Finsewet team should be working on your website. We will recommend a designer from our team and show you the work on that designer.

Depending on your needs, you may have a javascript developer and/or animator working on your site. Regardless of the amount of people working your website, you will only have 1 contact. 1 contact is the more effective and efficient way to get a website project complete.

Can you use my existing website build and work from there?

Usually no. Generally speaking, this takes more time, more effort, and leads to a less powerful result. Imagine asking an artist to do a painting on a canvas that already has paint on it.

The exception = your Webflow dev did a bad job building your website and you need Finsweet to come in and save it. You're not looking for a website redesign, but rather a team to properly manage and grow your existing site.

Can you do develop my site on Wordpress?

[long dramatic cinematic gasp] Of course not! To be the best, you have to work with the best platform. We work exclusively with Webflow because it's the absolute best option for marketing websites. If you need a Wordpress build, kindly leave our website.

Can Webflow do [this]?

Fill out our contact form and ask us. Use the “Why did you pick Finsweet?" field and ask - we will tell you how and why it does or doesn’t work with Webflow. We know all of the capabilities the Webflow platform offers.

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