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Submit a cookie as hidden field on a Webflow form

What can this be used for?

  • See what pages the user visited before the contact form was submitted
  • See what button(s) the user clicked while on your website
  • Send any additional information about the user through the contact form


This is one of many part 2 articles on cookie management. Our article about setting of cookies will show you how to give your website visit cookies. This article shows you how to submit a cookie you've set via form submissions.

Step 1

Add a Webflow form component page

Inside the .Form wrapper, add a code embed block.

Step 2

Add a hidden input field to the embed block

What the heck does that mean?

Let's learn by going step by step through the code


Step 3

Set the embed block to display none

Add a class to your embed block and set it to display : none. There is no reason for us or the user to see this block. It will work with the form regardless of display setting

Nice! You're done. See it working.

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