Release notes

We actively manage, maintain, service, and grow F'in sweet CMS Library.

Primary reason for release
  • Adds new option to Slider: itemsPerSlide. Define the amount of CMS items to put in each Slide
  • Adds new option to Tabs: tabContent. Define a <div> with any content to be your dynamic tab button
  • Fixes Safari AJAX bug that doesn’t load new images on the page. Our Load More component now has a solution for this bug.
  • Sort now recognizes negative numbers
  • Improves Filter + Load More Pagination to assure all items are loaded to the page
  • Removes Webflow Slider arrows is there is only 1 slide
  • Fixes an issue with emptyMessage in Filter
  • Fixes an issue where <div> was not recognized as Nest content
  • Adds new Previous Next component
  • Adds FREAKING PAGINATION option to Load More component. You can now filter behind pagination
  • Fix issue of ecommerce add to cart button not working with resetIx is set to true
  • Adds emptyMessage option inside Filter to show a custom <div> when your filter results are empty
  • Improved activeClass state on Anchor component
  • Fixed an issue when animations are set to false on Load More
  • Adds filterByClass, filterRage, filterReset as options inside the Filter Component
  • Adds Slider, Tabs, and Anchor components
  • Adds “infiniteScroll” and “infinate­ScrollPercentage” options for continuous scroll support for Load More
  • Small bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue with Load More
  • Adds support for Nest + Load More when used as a combo
  • Fixes issue when 2 load more instances are on one page
  • Adds resetIx option in Load More component to prevent IX2 from resetting
  • Fixes issue of interactions not working with load more and combine
  • Fixes issue when multiple load more instances are on 1 page
  • Adds new Nest component
  • Initial release with 4 components: Combine, Filter, Sort, Add Classes