Client-first Wireframe 4

A custom designed light wireframe UI kit, built using the Client-first system for Webflow. There are total of 56 components you can start building with.

Wireframe description

This wireframe kit is custom build using our Client-first system and is a perfect starting point for everyone who wants to build their project on an existing and solid platform. It consists of 56 basic components you can easily style and insert assets, or fully customize it to suit your needs. Since it follows Client-first system, there's no learning curve once you learn the naming convention.

List of components

  • 5 Navbars
  • 7 Header components
  • 7 Layout components
  • 2 Testimonial components
  • 3 Pricing components
  • 7 CTA components
  • 4 Tab and Accordion components
  • 7 Feature components
  • 2 Gallery components
  • 3 Blog (+ CMS) components
  • 4 Client components
  • 2 Contact components
  • 3 Footers
  • Styleguides
  • Utility pages


Client First Version 1.0


56 Components
Follows the Client-first Webflow style system
Custom designed wireframe
Open-source design license