Client-first Template 7

Clean and fully customizable template built using the Client-first system for Webflow.

Template description

Client-first Template 7 is a resource released alongside our Client-first Webflow style system, a naming convention for every person, for every project.

This free cloneable template is the perfect starting point for a non-profit organization's website or other organizations in that field. It is built using Finsweet's Client-first style system, which means it has clear class naming to understand the structure from the beginning. Furthermore, an organized spacing and sizing system are being used. Best practices are followed, and the build is set up using REM units which improve the accessibility of a website. The blog, the events, and also the projects are CMS-driven, which allows you to change and add content within seconds. Through the included style guide, you can customize the build without any effort.

Template pages

  • Home
  • About us
  • What we do
  • Media
  • Contact
  • Donate
  • 404 Page
  • Password Page
  • Styleguide


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Follows the Client-first Webflow style system
Open-source design license
7 static and 3 CMS pages


Client-first Verson 1.0