Learning path

Client-first has a lot of documentation. This page explains why the docs are important and why we have a learning path for first-time users.

Why deep docs are important

We've heard our community say, "Client-first docs are too long." Let's address this comment immediately. Client-first docs are long for a purpose.

1. More documentation = good thing.

Documentation is created to document a process. As we have more instruction for the process, the process becomes more clear. We see deep docs as a major benefit of Client-first as a system. Deep docs will allow all of us to work collaboratively under a one unified Client-first process.

2. Pros aren't born overnight.

You can't be a pro at anything important overnight. Being a pro comes with study and practice. This includes Client-first. Client-first is our official handbook to be a Finsweet developer. Our system was never intended for a quick 1 day of studying. If you want to take advantage of Client-first, you must study the documentation + practice in Webflow.

3. A lot of details.

The docs are so long because there are a lot of details. A lot of use cases and examples. Even repeat information across pages. All of this is intended. Small details in Webflow are what separate the amateurs from the pros. We're teaching you everything so you can be a pro.

4. It's not that much...

Is Client-first docs really too much? If you've ever read a book, this is a small fraction of total word count compared to a book.

5. Worth the time investment.

We wouldn't ask you to read something unless we think it's important. We believe that if you take the time to learn Client-first, this time will be returned in the future with faster builds and more efficient project maintenance.

Recommended Client-first learning path

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Day 7