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List of all the updated to Client-first since the official release

Version 1.2 - March 24, 2022

Release of Folders feature add-on

  • Using Client-first class naming convention, you can create and manage virtual folders inside your Webflow project
  • Integration with Finsweet Extension

Documentation updates

Definition clarity

  • The terms global class and utility class are more clearly defined
  • The terms component and folders are more clearly defined

Definition clarity

Client-first v1.2

These terms have been added and updated throughout the documentation to more clearly define their use.

Utility class

A utility class is a class that is created with a specific, usually simple, combination of css properties that can be applied to elements globally across the project. For example, background-color-red or a class for font-size-large. Every class that comes with the Client-first start project cloneable is a utility class.

Global class

A global class is a class that is intended for use across the entire project. It can be a custom class or a utility class. Its purpose is to apply styles to elements that will remain 'global' or 'unified' across the project. A global class can be a custom class, like  items-list_background-layer or a utility class like font-size-large.


A component in Client-first is a group of page elements that create a complete ui element. For example, a newsletter signup, team grid, pricing calculator, reusable 3 column grid, or a clients list. In previous version of Client-first we called everything with an underscore a 'component'. Now we will clearly define components by using the term 'component' as the element name, like  items-list_component or  contact-form_component.


A folder is a virtual self-organization tool to group and visually manage classes inside your Webflow project. Use one or more underscores in your class name to create a custom class folder. Each underscore creates a virtual folder inside Webflow Designer using Finsweet Extension. A folder may 'hold' a component as we see above. A folder does not need to hold a component. For example, a large multi-page style guide, style-guide_columns.

Version 1.1 - December 25, 2021

Release of fluid responsive add-on

  • Use visual fluid responsive configurator to add responsiveness to your Webflow website
  • Integration with Finsweet Extension

Version 1.0 - August 12, 2021

Official public release of Client First

  • Cloneable project v1.0
  • Documentation v1.0
  • 5 Wireframes
  • 3 Templates