Client Creative Director

We're growing fast and I suck at design. Where are you?

What we’re looking for

A Creative Director / Design All Star that will control all new client projects.

What 'the dream' is

I complete the sale, I intro you as the creative genius, you take the branding/design project from start to finish and we have a 100% satisfied client before we move into development. During this design process, I'm completely uninvolved and don't hear a word about anything. No problems, no issues. You're so good at design the client won't complain about quality. You're so good at client management that the client will never email me and tell we're not a good fit. When I see the design after it's completed, I'm amazed.

What you need to be good at

Talking to clients over the phone


Bsiranding from Step 0

Rebranding a company

The difference between those two


Website design

Managing a design project from start to finish. This includes talking to US-based clients over the phone in a clear professional manner.

About Finsweet and random facts

in list format:

I'm Joe and am the sole owner of Finsweet. I am opening to give a piece of the business that vests to the right person.

I’m from New York and work at New York speed

I live in Mexico right now because the people are fantastic and my living costs decreased by more than 50%. That money goes directly back into Finsweet. I don’t plan on moving back to the US any time soon.

Finsweet designs and develops websites

We use Webflow exclusively to develop our websites. We’re part of their Webflow Experts program. The program sends us a consistent flow of new business and the platform is insanely powerful and fast

-We’ve flirted with branding and video, but have not had any big projects around that. Companies often use other branding companies and then use us for website design and dev because we don’t have past work/case studies of branding. We have a huge opportunity for us to capitalize on this service

- There are anywhere from 4-8 people working full time on a daily basis to finish projects. That number fluctuates based on what projects/deadlines we have. Everyone is remote and a freelancer and working from home. Some people are from the US, developers are from Kenya, some people are scattered elsewhere. This off-site work is part of the sales pitch. Our prices are lower than competitors because we don’t have nasty overhead from a physical location and employee costs. Everything is project-based.

- Use “we”, not “I”. The exception to this is if you’re talking about yourself only and/or you did something 100% on your own.

- I’m really good at ‘business’, sales, project management, and web development inside Webflow

- I easily close over 50% of new leads that come in. Projects range from 8k - 35k. We want to increase the number.

- I have a huge weak point of design and branding. As project price increases and increases, the quality the client expects also increases. We’re now at the point where my design skills are not strong enough to manage a $35k project. The designer I’m managing is not good enough to provide that level of quality. We need an all-star to start managing and designing these big projects.

- I have never been a design-y person and designing is really new to me. I don’t have the raw materials to become an amazing designer. It will never happen. I do have the raw materials to become the best web design business. I need to focus on that, while I give the creativity keys to someone who is experienced and good at this.



Current and Past Designer Personas:

These are descriptions of real people who currently or previously worked with Finsweet. Names are randomized.